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How to create a custom application pool identity in IIS using windows DOMAIN\User for your #Sitecore instance

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This is a continuation of the series Login failed user DOMAIN\User post. If by any chance you bumped into this post, you may still continue as it has no dependency with the previous post.

In this post, we will create a custom application pool identity in IIS using the windows credential of your machine.

The steps are very easy to follow.

  1. Open the Internet Information System a.ka IIS
  2. Navigate to the Application Pools 


  1. Select the application pool of your Sitecore instance, in my case sitecore.blacksmith
  2. On the right Actions pane > click the Advanced Settings
  3. Once the Advanced Settings is opened, look for the Identity and click the “…” beside it.
  4. The Application Pool identity window will show up, then change it to Custom Account
  5. Click the Set… button, and the Set Credentials window will appear.
  6. You’ll noticed that you have to provide the User name and Password, and that’s because we’re trying to use the windows credential of the machine.
  7. Use your windows username: MARVINGDL and windows password: SECRET!HACKER
  8. Then, you’re all set 🙂


In other scenarios, let’s say on your production environment, you may use the DOMAIN\USER when creating a custom application pool identity.


Username: TECL\SCSTG


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