Best Practices

Two (2) mandatory basic steps to tune up your Sitecore CM site, to keep it always up and running.

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I learnt these practices in a very hard way. When we had a client that was having the unexpected shutdown, and a slow start up load time issue on their production environment, a month ago.


1. Adjust the app pool recycle from every 1740 minutes to off-peak hours of your Geo location daily. (eg. 3:00 AM, 4:000, 5:00 AM)

Open the IIS > Application Pools > Actions pane > Recycle…

app pool recycle settings

2. Adjust the settings for the Idle Time-out to zero (0). This is to make your website load fast.

Open the IIS > Aplication Pools > Actions pane > Advanced settings

Idle time-out

Note: Leaving the Idle Time-out to 20 minutes by default is only best applicable for bulk hosting where you want to lessen the memory usage. When you have 20 minutes without any traffic then the app pool will terminate, and will just start up again on the next visit.

The main problem is that the first visit to an app pool needs to create a new w3wp.exe worker process which is slow because the app pool needs to be created. ASP.Net or another framework needs to be loaded, and then your application needs to be loaded, as well.



How to Increase Max Web.config or Configuration size

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When you’re working on large project with medium-large configuration sizes, you may encounter some issue with regards to the maximum file size.

By default, the configuration max size is at 500kb. So, In order this to change you have to:

  1. Open the Registry Editor (regedit)opening regedit
  2. Once opened, Edit the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InetStp\Configuration\MaxWebConfigFileSizeInKB
  3. (Optional) If the configuration folder or the MaxWebConfigFileSizeInKB  is missing. Create it.
    1. Right click and a new in the InetStp folder, add key and named it “Configuration”
    2. In the right pane, right click and add DWORD (32-bit) Value
    3. Named it MaxWebConfigFileSizeInKB 
    4. Change the base, from Hexadecimal to Decimal, then enter the size in kbAdding MaxWebConfigFileSizeInKB in regedit
  4. Restart the IIS


Additional note:

When working with Sitecore commerce, you have to mandatory change this in v.8.0, but not in v.8.1 as it was already integrated there.