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Marvin has more than five years of diverse experience as an information technology professional in the fields of system analysis, design and development, system administration, infrastructure, database and training. He is a former Software App Architect at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation under the Digital Media Division, a client-facing company that focuses on creating innovative technologies. He developed over 22+ applications during his three-year tenure that includes website and windows application development.

Currently, he is working as a Senior Application Architect/Consultant in Wizardsgroup Inc. and Accenture.com where he is repeatedly being recognized for his exceptional work in developing innovative solutions on time and on budget. He is responsible in ensuring the quality of works delivered are in accordance to its best practices and provides clearer direction to the team. He has a good understanding of the over-all software lifecycle development, as a matter of fact, he puts most of his career experience on the entire lifecycle, from requirement gathering to architecture, design, coding, testing, deployment and implementation, demonstration, training and support. In addition, he is a part of the architecture team and is the youngest member, but it does not hinder him from thinking like a scientist. He drives a lot of initiatives for content users to help them save a bunch time that will eventually lead them to save a lot from their allocated budget.

Marvin is a proactive person and never relies on his previous achievements. Learning does not stop in the four corners of the room for Marvin, he continuously works very hard to advance his knowledge. He always strives for the best. He always seeks timely feedback from his peers and manager and is never discouraged by criticisms. Having a can-do attitude, he is never afraid to step-out of his comfort zone and is ready to face whatever challenges that lies ahead.

Marvin is a Sitecore Professional with Sitecore certifications under his belt. Marvin is aiming to become a Sitecore MVP a couple of years from now. So watch out, remember he is only a 23 year-old kid. Can you imagine that?

Outside work, he loves travelling to different places such as Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia, Vietnam, Hongkong, Macau and etc. He is also active on Mountain Trekking, running and started to learn Sky diving.

Interested with MG? Check out his Linkedin profile here or his CV here.

MG’s Sitecore Certifications.

Sitecore Advance .Net Develper Certification – marvin.glenn.d.lacuna

Sitecore Website .Net Develper Certification – marvin.glenn.d.lacuna