How to connect to the UAT databases using Siteore Rocks

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This post won’t explain how to install Sitecore rocks and connect to local machine. Please see John’s blog post in depth first for more details:

The intent of this post is to give guidance on how to connect to the UAT or any environments using Sitecore Rocks. Although it may be a very old information, I sometimes forgot the steps to do it hence I created this post.

Prerequisite: Ensure that you ping the CM server.

To connect:

    1. Open the Sitecore Rocks in Visual Studio Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise.
    2. Create a connection, hostname: <CM URL> and the SC Admin Username and Password.
    3. Click Test, if the “Do you want to update server components” prompted you, click Yes.

  1. Click Update button, click OK.
  2. Put your files in the Desktop, and you’ll get 2 folders with Sitecore rocks files inside.

  1. Drop the files in your UAT/PROD CM servers
    1. \bin\Sitecore.Rocks.Server.dll
    2. \sitecore\shell\WebService\Browse.aspx
    3. \sitecore\shell\WebService\Service2.asmx
      1. Hard Rock Web Service – Service2.asmx – Has more features that Good Old Web Service like XPath Analyzer.
      2. Good Old Web Service – Service.asmx
    4. \sitecore\shell\WebService\Sitecore.Rocks.Validation.ashx
  2. Once the files were dropped, from your favorite browser, acess this URL http://<CM_URL>/sitecore/shell/WebService/Service2.asmx
  3. You should see a page like this.

  1. If instead you see a ‘Document not found’, in IIS ensure that the /sitecore/shell/WebService folder Anonymous Authentication status is Enabled.


  1. Go back to your Visual Studio and try to establish a connection to your UAT/PROD CM servers again.
  2. At this point, you should be able to connect to the core, master and web database of your UAT/PROD CM servers.

Try it and let me know if it works for you.




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