Simple way to check UAT connection to Production database server

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Today, I had a chance to talk with our Senior Solution Architect via Skype about checking the connection between UAT environment and Production database server.

The goal is just to check if it’s working, as we’re planning to create a mimic of Production CM and CD in the UAT environment using the production database server

Note that this concept is also applicable to the rest of the environments,

  1. SIT > UAT
  2. UAT > SIT
  3. SIT > PROD
  4. PROD > SIT
  5. Others

A very high-level representational diagram:

UAT connecting to Production database server diagram.png
Two-way connection

So, to check, Open the command prompt and start typing the below command.



telnet 1433

Important note: 1433 is the default TCP port of the SQL Server default instance. This is the common port allowed through the firewall. It applies to routine connections to the default installation of the Database Engine, or named instance that is the only instance running on the computer. More about configuring the Windows Firewall to Allow SQL server access here.

You would be able to see this window if successful connection.


For failed connection, you would encountered a Connection failed message.


Happy Sitecore’ing!


One thought on “Simple way to check UAT connection to Production database server

    […] issue caused by a task whereby I have to transfer PROD SC instance to UAT environment and that I have to change the sources in the connectionstrings, thus the issue […]


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