won the Sitecore Site of the Year award for 2015.

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Just simply wanted to create a dedicated post to congratulate everyone who participated and part of the team behind the success of the It was an amazing journey being part of the team, and I am very proud that all our hardship truly paid off. It was not an easy ride, there were obstacles, lots of crucial decisions, sleepless nights, and even pressure. But all that paid off because of this recognition. Site of the year award 2015

Postcard by: Mikee Tiu of AccentureOnline team.


Quoting from the Sitecore page:

The 2015 winner of Site of the Year is Accenture. Accenture implemented its new, global website with technical assistance from Avanade. Accenture leverages Sitecore’s content management solutions to deliver a leading-edge user experience and showcase new and engaging content for more than three million visits a month. Key features of the site include: a search-based approach; responsive design that enables the same user experience across all devices; and, engaging video, infographics and imagery; and content sharing through social networks.

“The new digital platform provides us with an essential tool for engaging clients, recruits, investors and other stakeholders with highly relevant content and a modern design that is completely integrated with social, mobile and content strategies,” said Roxanne Taylor, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Accenture. “With the new platform, we are able to communicate the full breadth and depth of our capabilities and insights across Accenture’s five businesses and drive differentiation in the marketplace.”


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