Sitecore Installation Wizard: ItemNameValidation must satisfy the pattern error

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Background: We’re near for another production deployment, so the new features from the sprints must be deploy to the development (SIT) and UAT environment for testing before it gets to production env to ensure the quality of work.

Our SIT & UAT environments were quite outdated in terms of content. So in order to sync , I have these possible options:

  1. Get the database from Production environment, restore to lower environments
  2. Unicorn
  3. Package <- I choose this way, as this is the fastest route on my situation.


During the installation of the package, I encountered this error.

An item name must satisfy the pattern: ^[\w\*\$][\w\s\-\$]*(\(\d{1,}\)){0,1}$ (controlled by the setting ItemNameValidation)

So what I did is to disable the settings for the validation in App_Config\Sitecore.config

 <!-- <setting name="ItemNameValidation" value="^[\w\*\$][\w\s\-\$]*(\(\d{1,}\)){0,1}$" /> --> 

However, the issue still persist. So I tried my brute force to remove the value of the ItemNameValidation.

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
<setting name="ItemNameValidation">
<patch:attribute name="value"></patch:attribute>

Usage: Create a config file and deploy to App_Config\Include folder. Remove this setting after you finished installing all the packages.

Then the issue gone away.




One thought on “Sitecore Installation Wizard: ItemNameValidation must satisfy the pattern error

    Greg said:
    September 20, 2017 at 2:37 am

    Just going to reiterate that “Remove this setting after you finished installing all the packages.” is a very important step. Other parts of the application like item addition will start failing due to a null value in the validation string.


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