Sitecore WFFM : Setup Send Email Message Save Action with Form values properly populated

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When I was browsing in the Sitecore Community yesterday, I saw this post that – I think – can be further elaborated.

This is actually a common problem with WFFM, if you accidentally didn’t do it right, you will end up having a not-well-formatted email and your customers whom will receive your email will start analyzing jargon words that they didn’t understand at all.

So, let’s setup first your Send Email Message.


  1. You already have a form, by default it is located here: /sitecore/system/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers/Website/YOUR_FORM
  2. You already set up the fields. In this case, First Name and Last Name

Sitecore WFFM - Location of Form items

Action steps: Create Send Email Message save action

  1. Open the Save Action dialog box by navigating to Forms tab > Form group > Save Action command
  2. In the Actions tab > Save actions dropdown, select the Send Email Message then click add.

Sitecore WFFM - Save Actions dialog box

Next Action steps: Edit the Send Email Message save action

Sitecore WFFM - Edit the Send Email message save action

Followed by populating the form details, as shown below. Then click OK, and click OK again.

Sitecore WFFM - Fill up Send Email Editor

In the above figure, I highlighted the Insert field dropdown because – normally – it led to a problem when typing the [First Name] and [Last Name] manually. Do not ever do that.

Why? If you open the HTML tab, still in the above Send Email editor; You will noticed that it creates an ID attribute for each of the fields you inserted.

Now, let’s try to add the [First Name] and [Last Name] manually. I removed the previous message on this demonstration.

Sitecore WFFM - Insert field via dropdown and manual typing

And open the HTML tab again, and compare the difference.

Sitecore WFFM - Send Email Editor HTML Tab.JPG

Pasting the HTML markup, as well.

Hello [<label id="{9AD96914-B2CC-4D21-B168-839C467F602F}">First Name</label>]&nbsp;[<label id="{45E682DE-CCB1-4AEB-930E-CFCD6617F866}">Last Name</label>] : Via <strong>Insert field</strong>
Hi [First Name] [Last Name]: Via <strong>Manual typing</strong>

You see the difference? 🙂

Let’s try to send it, to totally compare the output of these two actions we did (via Insert field & via manual edit) on the next posts:

  1. Configuring the Send Email Message Parameters
  2. Receiving the Send Email Message by populating the form

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