Fixed: Could not load type ‘Sitecore.Forms.Shell.UI.Dialogs.IDEHtmlEditorBase’ from assembly ‘Sitecore.Forms.Core, Version=’

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A couple of weeks ago, I was playing with the upgrade steps of v.8.0 Update-3 to v.8.1 Update -2 of one of my clients. I downloaded the production instance and started the thrill.

One of my agenda was to upgrade the WFFM, and I did it. The form submission was working and I was able to see it in the form reports. However, since I wanted to also check the Save Action > Send Email Message, an unexpected error was popped up. As shown in the picture below.

Sitecore - Could not load type Sitecore.Forms.Shell.UI.Dialogs.IDEHtmlEditorBase

The error is quite descriptive, so I swiftly check the ‘Sitecore.Forms.Core.dll’ to double check if the IDEHtmlEditorBase was there, and truly it is. Secondly, I check the 8.0 version of this DLL and compare it both sides.

Using dotPeek  as a free Decompiler (thanks Jetbrains). I opened the version v.8.0 and v.8.1 of Sitecore.Forms.Core.dll and searched for the IDEHTMLEditorBase

Sitecore.Forms.Core.dll IDEHtmlEditorBase

To completely see what was changed. I copy and pasted both versions to WinMerge, to easily compare the changes.

Sitecore.Forms.Core IdeHtmlEditorBase code change#1


Sitecore.Forms.Core IdeHtmlEditorBase code change#2.png


Sitecore.Forms.Core IdeHtmlEditorBase code change#3.png

The IDEHtmlEditorBase class didn’t change much ASIDE on this very tiny cosmetic change that intrigued me – the Class casing.

In v.8.0IDEHtmlEditorBase

In v.8.1 : IdeHtmlEditorBase

Moreover, I searched through the entire website to see if there’s a file that uses the IDEHtmlEditorBase (v.8.0), and there is! An override file that is located inside the  \Website\sitecore\shell\Override folder.

Sitecore Send Email override xml file.png

I opened the file, to see how it is being invoked and I found out that there is an associated DLL support patch that uses the old IDEHtmlEditorBase (v.8.0). The WFFM has been upgraded it to v.8.1 Update-2, so the old IDEHtmlEditorBase (v.8.0) is not compatible any longer in Update-2.

Sitecore - SendEmail.xml override file.JPG

I looked inside this file and it was pretty similar to what IdeHtmlEditorBase (v.8.1) does. I also compared the SendEmail.xml of the Override folder to the SendEmail.xml of Action editor folder – the default location: \Website\sitecore\shell\Applications\Modules\Web Forms for Marketers\Dialogs\Action Editor

I renamed both files; The SendEmail.xml of the Override folder and the support patch DLL – Sitecore.Support.402562.dll by using the .disabled.

Afterwards, I did another testing and the Send Email editor dialog box is now loading properly. yes!

Sitecore WFFM - Edit the Send Email message save action

Take away: 

The Sitecore.Support.402562.dll support patch might be helpful to you, so I attached the files in this post; only if the setup of your instance is behind the v.8.1 Update-2 and you want to have the look and feel/functionality of the Send Email of v.8.1 Update-2.

Download zip file here.



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