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Today’s post I will try to show you how you can achieve a Multisite configuration on Sitecore. 1. Add Bindings to your existing website on IIS. (Click Bindings in the Edit Site panel on the Right side) multisite configuration bindings

Click Add button, to add new bindings:
multisite configuration add bindings

Put your custom Host name then press OK:
multisite configuration add bindings name

multisite configuration added

You will see this new Browse Website item on the right side of you IIS.
multisite configuration browse

If you wish to check if it’s working, I will assure you that it’s not. We need to add a host name for our custom URL on the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host file

multisite configuration add hostname
Then Add your website:
multisite configuration content editor

At this point we need to add the website on the Sitedefinition.config under Includes folder of your Instance multisite configuration sitecoredefinition

By default, the SiteDefinition.config have an .example  extension which makes the configuration file not working. To make it work let’s change the file from SiteDefinition.config.example to SiteDefinition.config, then open the file.

multisite configuration sitecoredefinition default

Lets change the site name “mysite” to “website1″ and the startItem=”/home” to startItem=”website1″ (This will point the website1 item on the content editor). The result should be like this:

multisite configuration sitecoredefinition website1

After you follow all the steps provided. You can check now your custom url: multisite configuration www.website1dotcom

You can see that the have no layout. Just add a presentation layer for this to see your desired result.


One thought on “Multisite Configuration

    marvinglennlacuna responded:
    March 21, 2014 at 1:03 am


    I forgot to add the hostname on the site settings, The configuration should now be like this.

    <site name="mysite" patch:befor="site[@name='website']"


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